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Congratulations with your pregnancy!

We welcome you in our practice. We help you and your partner in this exciting new period of your life. You can visit us for your ultrasounds, pregnancyconsultations and ask all the questions you have about being pregnant and the delivery. We help you preparing for the delivery and becoming parents. For us it is important that you feel safe and comfortable during this period. We work evidence-based and focus on individual care on a high qualitylevel. In a unique cooperation with the gynaecologists from the Catharinahospital we can provide extra care when needed during our own consultation in the hospital (route 106).

We can tell you ourselves about taking good care, but there are thousands of pregnant women we have helped during the most special and insecure times of their lives. They appreciate our care with an average of 9,3 out of 10!

You can sign in directly when you know you are pregnant. Sign in now and experience yourself what individual caretaking feels like... Love new life...


At 1-4-2017 the NIPT is available in the Netherlands. NIPT: Non Invasive Prenatal Test. NIPT is a DNA test on maternal blood to screen pregnancies for the most common fetal chromosome anomalies: trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome). The NIPT is optional; you can choose to do the test or do'nt test at all. If you want to do the test, your midwife will give you an application form. The blood can be taken at 'Diagnostiek voor u' at location Boschdijk and Stratumsedijk. The test can be done from 11 weeks gestational age. The test costs 175 euro's. The gender of the fetus is not determined. Do you want more information? Ask the midwife. She can tell you more about the test en how to plan and pay for it.

How do I book and pay the NIPT?

1.    Go to

2.    Look at your application form (your midwife gave it to you)

3.    Write down your PERIDOS-code 2 times (the number starting with 'N' in the right upper corner of the application form)

4.    Click at 'locatie NIPT laboratorium' à Maastricht UMC+

5.    Write down your e-mail address 2 times

6.    Pay for the test à €175,00 by using IDEAL or Creditcard

7.    IMPORTANT   !! Print the invoice of your payment and bring this AND the application form to the test! (Without a print of the invoice, Diagnostiek Voor U will not execute the test!)


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