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Are you pregnant and living in Eindhoven or Waalre - sign in directly with 040verloskunde! 

Check out our video to get an impression of 040verloskunde.

Our care

  • pregnancy
  • consultationhours 6 days/week (incl evenings and saturdays)
  • consultation 040verloskunde with gynaecologist Catharinahospital and MMC at our own locations and in the hospital
  • sign in
  • NIPT prenatal screening
  • all medical ultrasounds at our centre
  • 13 -weeks and 20-weeks ultrasound at 040verloskunde
  • Blood drawing at 040verloskunde
  • contraceptive consultations, incl IUD with ultrasound
  • innovative, Philips partner - high end Philips ultrasound
  • More information

Pregnant? Congratulations!


Specialised Prenancy- and birthcare Centre for women

040verloskunde is a centre for women specialised in all care for women around pregnancy and birth. All the care you need in this special time in your life. We are there for you, 24/7!

We welcome you in our centre, with locations in the north of Eindhoven, the south of Eindhoven, in the Catharinahospital or in Waalre. Our consultationhours are for your convenience on 6 days per week, including evenings and saturdays. We help you and your partner in this exciting new period of your life. You can visit us for your ultrasounds, pregnancyconsultations and ask all the questions you have about being pregnant and the delivery. We help you preparing for the delivery and becoming parents. For us it is important that you feel safe and comfortable during this period. We work evidence-based and focus on individual care on a high qualitylevel. We work with highend Philips equipment.

You can sign in directly when you know you are pregnant. Sign in now and experience yourself what individual caretaking feels like... Love new Life... Our consultationhours are 6 days per week - including saturdays and evening-consultationhours, and we offer all ultrasounds at our centre.


 What's different with 040verloskunde

When you need extra medical care during your pregnancy, because there is a medical reason for obstretic high care, we are proud to welcome you at our consultationhours at 040verloskunde together with the gynaecologist obstetrician of Catharina hospital or Maxima Medisch Center, at your preference. We have our own consultation in the Catharinahospital too, route 77. We are very proud we can offer you this unique cooperation exclusively for Eindhoven and the Netherlands!

040verloskunde and gynaecologist Catharinahospital 040verloskunde and gynaecologist Maxiam Medical Center


Do you know we have several times per week a hearts walk-in consultation hour, to listen to the heartbeat of your baby! You don't need an appointment, you can walk-in.



Watch our video to get a quick impression of 040verloskunde. In cooperation with Philips.




All medical ultrasounds are offered at our own locations by specialised midwives of 040verloskunde.
We offer the 13 weeks and 20-weeks screening ultrasound in cooperation with Diagnostiek Voor U (DVU), specialised in the high standards of prenantal screenings ultrasound.

  • 7-8 weeks ultrasound - early pregnancy
  • 10-12 weeks ultrasound - determining the due date
  • 13 weeks screening ultrasound (provided by specialists of DVU)
  • 19-20 weeks screening ultrasound (provided by specialists of DVU)
  • medically necessary ultrasounds for growth/placenta/IUD
  • 35 weeks ultrasound for position
  • commercial ultrasounds / FUN ultrasounds --> gender - 2D/3D/4D ultrasound at all terms of your pregnancy the possibility for extra ultrasounds - at your own costs, not covered by healthcare insurance - more info?

Do you want to know the gender of your baby or just want to have an extra ultrasound in 2D or 3D 4D, that is possible at all terms with 040pretecho. These ultrasounds are not covered by your health insurance company, you can pay these yourself. 

In our care you can choose whatever suits you best: individual consultation or group Centering Pregnancy meetings. We have groups in different languages and nationalities, we will tell you all about it.

English Information about a diversity of subjects: 


Prenatal screening / prenatal testing (NIPT)

13 and 20weeks ultrasound scan - screening - prenatal screening

Dutch midwifery

Feeling your baby move

Growth of your baby

How to prepare for birth

Your birth, how do you deal with pain

Maternity assistance/ kraamzorg

Breech presentation and external version

ENGLISH information Beyond the due date 040verloskunde

Pelvic floor after childbirth (ENGLISH)

Pelvis and pelvicfloor Informationmeeting (FOR FREE)


Hearing screening for newborns

(ENGLISH) pregnancy courses


Your privacy and personal data

We gladly inform you about the processing of your personal data. We store your personal and medical data digitally, in order to provide you with good care. We process your personal data according to our privacy and data safety policy. You agree with this storage (processing) by having your care carried out by our practice. This is how we process your personal data:

  • Your personal data is stored and used in order to provide you with good care.
  • Your personal data is only shared with other parties in order to provide good care. When it is legally necessary to ask your permission first, we will ask this particular permission beforehand.
  • Your personal data is processed in accordance with the treatment agreement as described in the ‘Medical Treatment Contracts Act’ (in Dutch: WGBO).
  • You may see parts of your personal data. If you are interested in this, please send us a written request.
  • You may request us by letter to adjust your personal data, when you think your personal data that we have stored is incorrect.
  • You may request us to erase your personal data. When we do so, we are (or may) not be able to provide you with good care. The Dutch ‘Medical Treatment Contracts Act’ demands a holding period of 20 years. In that case we store your data in an inactive archive, invisible and unusable for normal users.
  • You may withdraw your given permission regarding us processing your personal data. When you do so, we are (or may) not be able to provide you with good care any longer. In that case we store your data in an inactive archive (see above).
  • You may object to the way we process your personal data.
  • We will inform you when something goes wrong with your personal data.
  • We store your personal data only for as long as necessary to provide you with good care. We do this according to the legal holding period stated by the ‘Medical Treatment Contracts Act’.
  • Everything stated above also applies to personal data we receive from third parties.


Our partners

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